Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The WOW factor of 365 votes

The local election was a big surprise. Not that I have a crystal
ball, but walking the neighborhoods with my kids for both Barbara and
Michael Kane I was impressed with how many people knew about the
Friends of the Hillsides, and the issues surrounding development in
the hillside area surrounding the town of Los Gatos. If Michael Kane
was the poster child for Hillside preservation in this race, then
Peggy Dallas was the friend to big developers. To say that she was
trolling for business might be over stating the obvious.

It was the sheer negative of the Dallas camp that shone through.
The quip about her expertise as an architect positioned as some sort of gift to the council implying other council members can't read plans or understand development . An insult on multiple layers to the community and to the council persons and planning commissioners who are accomplished and bring a breadth of knowledge to the dais.

Three hundred and sixty five votes separated the most different of candidates.
The protect and preserve candidate and the pander to developer candidate.
That is indeed the big wow factor.

Of the 21,000 registered voters on the rolls in Los Gatos per the last election, 97% voted.. Comparatively speaking with all the issues, initiatives, and a historic presidential vote to boot I expected a larger turn out on a local level.

The feeling in the pit of my stomach?? People who care about development now have a majority on council. Stewardship will receive lip service so expect the look, feel and demographic make up continuing to trend white, wealthy and willful.

The "we get what we want era" has evolved . Now we have the third voice on council to cement these decisions. Let's hope our new council person elect can improve upon his attendance record and show up prepped and prepared for those Monday evenings.

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