Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey Neighbor...I mean Mr. Mayor

I am so delighted with my neighborhood. Love my neighbors, love the proximity of the downtown to my abode.. so it goes without saying I am jazzed about my neighbor Mike, filling the shoes of Los Gatos Mayor.  There is a reason why our new mayor is the role model for public service.

I know a little bit about giving to my community, but to build a true resume of public service requires an unwavering commitment to community. This sort of volunteering is a true work of inspiration.  And inspiring IS a word that comes to mind when I think of my neighbor Mike Wasserman.

Inspiring but also grateful. Can't say that being on the firing line with the current complexity
of the economy and all that handbasket holds would be where anybody would wanna be BUT for someone like Mike, it makes perfect sense. Lucky Los Gatans  should be giving thanks
with Thanksgiving just around the corner I can't thank my local volunteer/neighbor/mayor
enough for stepping up and making it happen.  The cornerstone of a vibrant community is a true sense of giving of ones' self for the sake of making a difference and we have that in spades with our new Mayor.


Anonymous said...

who is the new vice mayor?

strawberryletter said...

hey emily dickinson aka buzztress of prose...what do you think of the new vice mayor?