Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where R we going and why R we in this basket?

I've had it with being played. The day after election day was an ah-ha moment for me. People can talk a great game, lead us all down a path where the line on what's real and what's not is blurred. With enough money thrown a particular way, one can create a story that influences and smears... it's hard to imagine any other way but what's described on ink and 100lb paper stock teasing us with secret shadow government. Clandestine can be sexy but this was mean spirited and meant to harm. Harm it did. The local election was bought off by the dollar bill gang to steal the phrase from our own Los Gatan Citizen Ray. When someone running for local council almost tie with the number of votes an incumbent receives (and a popular mayor as incumbent who is wicked smart) and so the story gets hazy.. How did that happen again, oh yeah...big dough. I get it. Wish it felt better.

Perhaps the secret shadow government mailing piece made a small wave in getting the vote to swing . What this whole experience has taught me: too do exactly what I have done, but maybe
a little more in your face dispelling-of-rumor and innuendo.

Glad I saved the much miligned piece of trash mail..I think I will bring it to the next Social Club to be autographed by the beautiful people of LG.

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