Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Ask Why

Town Government has a Constitution of sorts, The General Plan. This is the document that supposedly leads the way for open and transparent government. Think of it as a handbook of sorts for those in local office to know the rules and apply such with integrity and sense of purpose.

Why the soliloquy on local civics?

I had etched out some time out of my day to attend a scheduled general plan meeting .
Sure add it to the list of "knowing how to have fun" but it is an important document and as such an important committee to sit in on, listen to and be a part of as a concerned community member.
The catch is that the meeting was canceled. No biggie in the grand scheme of things but this General Plan committee has not met since June 25th... and even then it was a joint meeting with the town Parks Commission.

Why ask why this is important? Just how important is the general plan if the committee appointed to discuss it can't seem to find items to discuss ( the pdf I downloaded states lack of items..)
The last eight General Plan Committee meetings have been cancelled for lack of items. Certainly not lack of interest at least from my nerdy perspective. If you too find this to be unacceptable would you be so kind to email them and ask why?? The town planners can be reached at 408.354-6874 or email them: if you too care to question.

The town website talks a great game about the importance of the upcoming General Plan update, but perhaps it's just that.

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