Sunday, November 2, 2008

General plan update goes local

The twenty-five interested community members that showed up yesterday a.m. to discuss the current General Plan update brought enthusiasm and list making ability to the round of breakout
groups.  The town staff out numbered and micro-managed, but the catered spread was a nice surprise so I guess it evens out the "trying" too hard vision of what was the scope of an ambitious morning agenda.

The sentiment of community involvement was not lost on me...misplaced perhaps. Anytime community members can come together to discuss how to make our town better is nothing short of inspiring. 

What is puzzling is the residential guidelines that make up the filet mignon cut of the General Plan were condensed, homogenized and passed onto a council agenda only to be approved a few short weeks ago. Under the radar of any update committee or anyone else for that matter. If real input was what really mattered, wouldn't shouldn't we have been able to have had a chance to chime in as well? 

My favorite quote from the morning presentation was from a young woman, perhaps on the youth commission who wanted to see a place for teenagers to shop. Boutiques selling $500.00 jeans are not an option for those spending babysitting money. 

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