Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote Today

It felt really great to drop that completed ballot into the box first thing this morning.  My local polling place was busy at 7:45, but no que had formed.... I think my kids were disappointed getting to school early for once. 

The funny thing about my neighborhood polling place, poll workers cars all rock star parked
in front of the doorway sporting any number of political bumper stickers. I too am a fan of the bumper sticker, or as I like to think of them: the visual equivalent to everyone has the right to hear/see/comment on my opinions. Snob that I am of the  bumper sticker genre, I like to think my mini cooper bumper speaks cheeky vs. staid. I suppose seeing right to life, Palin for VP and NRA stickers in my line of direct sight was too much of a political lap dance without my morning coffee. There is a state law that calls for no political messages within 500 ft of a polling place, but in my new found "pick my battle" vs "Equal opportunity to pick all battles no matter how small/lg" mental space I choose not to say anything to my non-neighbor poll workers. I thanked them and went on my way.  One down side, if there is one of a non republican in office is my bumper stickers will all be passe' and need to come off.
My mini cooper has not had a naked bumper in eight years. My hope is that this down side is  the very first thing I tackle with a scrapper and windex tomorrow morning. 

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