Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blast from the Past

A blast from the past arrived on my doorstep Friday. Mary Durham, long lost past owner of my house: Mary, who was dubbed the mayor of Broadway delivered two huge bags of historical photos, news clippings and other random artifacts for me to caretake.
Seems like weird timing as I just put my house on Zillow's make me move list... but in my lap this all landed. The historical maps, notes and random dinner party notes seemed like a page from the day in the life year 2008. The neighborhood is still tight, enjoying cocktail parties and bbq's at a moment's notice. Petitions were a biggie here on my street, ranging from neighborhood zoning and preservation, historical guidelines to be followed and re paving the street all from 1920-1985...sorry to say I was not the inventor of such left wing intentions. Many things political seemed to emanate from my current address. The thought of political stick- to-itiveness carrying through put a smile on my face. I know that I am not the first nor will I be the last to carry the torch du jour of what-ever- in- the-moment needs to be addressed. It's just so close to home, in a linear lineage.

Sure feels nice to share a karmic moment in memory with whoever lived in my house long before I even knew Los Gatos existed.

My street was also know for parties. Lots of parties. This also seems befitting. We like to party, and having fun is a big part of my 'hood. As keeper of the summer Friday cocktail party email list, Broadway is also the street that spawned Los Gatos Social Club. Lucky mucky us. So this holiday season, as the world digs deep into it's debt ridden pockets it's nice to have a big file of old dog eared newspaper clippings of local rants and raves. Makes what I have experienced here in the last year or two pale in comparison. To those in the know, please email any special memories you may have of my street. I will make a digital copy of all these amazing historical snippets and pass on to Peggy Conway at the Library. Just remember, when you look around at how amazing our town is, realize it did not happen by accident. Let's toast to those who had the vision, and keep our fingers crossed that those currently at the helm don't f@#k it up.

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