Tuesday, November 11, 2008

$7.25 a Vote

So this might be my last snarly post..I can only look to the bright side this evening: a full moon,
my Mac powerbook, a glass of local Pinot..Ahh..life should seem, well, brighter. I had to go down to the town office this afternoon to take a peek at the 460 paperwork of election accounting the local candidates all must file post election. I know what you're thinking: man does she know how to have fun, but that's for another blog site.

The returns are in, the numbers sketch an interesting picture of who bought what. Those fabulously slick trifold brochures mailed by the candidate-elect: $13,700.00.  Web design: $3,000. Fancy pants fundraiser hosted for afore mentioned candidate: $5,000.  Results: priceless....You can see where I am going with the rational..Total expenditures came to $49,380.00.  If one has enough cash to throw at a local town council race it's easy to see how well it works. Back of the envelope tally is $ 7.25  per vote.

Not sure how many people will be in a position to run a fair future race if this is the price precedent of future elections. 

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