Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Share what you give thanks for

Perfect timing. kizmet. Momento perfecto. Whatever name you choose
the meaning is the same and describes the book that arrived on my
doorstep on Friday, Stopping at every lemonade stand by James
My good friend and neighbor Maria inscribed it with: You're the one
who stops at my kids lemonade stand. Although you already live these
ideals- enjoy!

Enjoy I did...and you will too. The reason why? Well as the
financial world continues to spin like a whirling dervish.. it's nice
to have a distraction that feels good in a holiday-spirit of giving
kinda way. The theme of the book is community. Transforming our
unstable, disconnected culture into one with meaning and sense of
caring. The positive spin this book gives to community makes me wanna
throw my prozac away. I digress... it does offer a really sweet boost of
energy and spirit we could all use to connect with those who need it
the most: children and teens in our community.
A commitment to those at risk, to those
without a true voice should be first and foremost on the
communal to-do list. To accomplish these monumental tasks takes
only a moment. Examples of this include simply saying hello to people
as you walk down the street. Too smug for that? okay, smile, cause
you gotta start somewhere. Make a connection. Get off the cell phone,
put down your latte and make the effort- we all benefit from it and
you'll feel great. If you don't look me up at LGRC and I'll buy you a
cuppa coffee and you can rant.

Why the soap box this week? Well, it is Thanksgiving.. and it's been a
tough year for many here in the hamlet of the cats. More than a few
lives loss to senseless crime, a contentious local election, misguided
landuse issues, and the normal drama-rama of day -in- the- life means
we all have something to give thanks for..

I am thankful for my health, my husband (who rocks my world) and my
kids. I am also thankful for the gifts this community gives me each
and everyday, the neighbors who leave books on my doorstep, take
my kids on playdates, and just say hi to me while standing in line at
the post office. I am thankful for Center Hardware, and Terri Hope. I
am thankful for The Los Gatos Social Club and it's shadow government
which is not only photogenic but fun.
I am thankful for those of you who read my blog, and send emails
thanking me for my commitment to our town.
I am thankful for the Yelp! app on my iphone..

Now.. what are you thankful for?? Please share, inquiring minds wanna is fine but in person is always better.

Now go on, list...

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Susan B said...

I too am thankful for my neighbors. It's nice to hear that others feel as I do.