Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Toast to Community

My neighbors hosted a small gathering to watch the returns roll in last night. Most of the street showed up, kids in tow and a dish to pass. I dug deep into my wine stash and found two stellar syrah's
in hopes of toasting victory. 
The feeling of community that I experienced last night was akin to
being at a family gathering. You could cut the emotion with a knife.
The two right wingers in the gathering could have been the nutty aunt who sports jewelry fashioned from dried pasta, and the neo-con uncle who is just a little too paranoid. Teasing them was too much fun, but after the 130 electoral vote mark it just felt like bad sportsmanship to poke fun. A historic moment enjoyed with friends and family made for the ending of a long long day. Community made last night special, and the road ahead a little more fun.. The syrah was a huge hit.. and the occasion could not have been more special. Thank you Broadway neighbors- you rock my world in such a profound way.

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