Thursday, April 16, 2009

String Theory

I have my own duality of theme for string theory as of late. Creative genius reins in my little insular world, and with that a thematic course of action has lead to a path of cardboard boxes, duct tape, scissors, Popsicle sticks and of course string ending in an original artform developed by my artists in residence ages 6 & 8.

The imaginative play of kids remains the same regardless of societal norms, financial where-with -all, and geography. From experiencing kids in Thailand building "boats" from styrofoam washed ashore to my own mad scientists building cross bows from paperclips the concept is the same: left to imaginative play one will make due with what one has. I know this is not an epiphany for many but the idea that less is more in the current global crisis is at least comforting to put a happy spin on all things recyclable.

How does this translate to the adult world of responsibility? Supporting artistic programs like this one which inspires and serves up a creative twist for something as pedestrian as a trash can or bin. Our own community could certainly channel this type of creative juju. The Museums of Los Gatos is starting a Thursday Evening Lecture Series that brings a breadth of informational artistic concepts to light. The first of the series is April 23 from 7 to 9. Presenter Cathy Kimball will discuss art in the present tense. The community support of these grassroot endeavors ensures future success. Please consider attending, even if you have never felt "plugged" into the local art scene. Self actualization seems too airy-fairy but the idea is to stir a creativeness we all possess but maybe haven't tapped since the day of using paper and string.

At least that's my theory for what it's worth.....

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