Sunday, April 5, 2009

Safe & Secure

The joys of technology. Yawn. I soo want to toss my laptop into the ocean, but being cognoscente of the ability to undo that little temper tantrum and the fact I'd be needing it tomorrow I shall refrain.

Remember when it was easy to wi-fi squat anywhere. Now everyone and her sister who has a wi-fi network has learned to secure them. Oh sure, an unsecured connection can be found but it turns the whole blog posting experience into an angst filled pissing match with no one to argue unfun, unfruitful and unbefitting for a hot head who seeks out the ethos of the ether. I remember similar connectivity concerns way back in the early nineties. The City embraced the dot com clamour and those of us geeky enough to travel with a laptop for creative pursuits used Ricochet. This was the modem/antenna that used radio frequencies transmitted via repeater boxes placed around the city..many cities actually. I had proudly procured modem number 100. Her royal geekness gloats, but I loved the technology at the time because it seemed seamless and sound.

Fast forward fifteen years, now it's all about being a squatter and keeping ones fingers crossed that the data transmits before you lose your connection (ala yesterdays' mysteriously missing post.) A little mystery in life can be edgy and add spice, but the tried and true approach to not losing data is not traveling. Like that's gonna happen. So seek and yea shall find: thank-you one and all (three of you) unsecured networks with super delicious names to boot- sexualchocolate, neighbor_bob, and free4u. Merci recoup.

Award for best named secured wifi network: fuck_off... Well that's the point isn't it why be redundant in the naming of your secured site you selfish jerk.


Anonymous said...

you, my dear are the crushworthy one. Ricochet was my darling and at one time a hot ticket stock that was fun to trade back in the day of monopoly stock money. I love your geek nature so please make no apology as none is needed.

Gina Adams said...

Hi there Christine,

It's been a while, but often I pop onto your site to relieve a stressful day. Then I beat myself up for not doing my OWN writing, which takes a back seat to a marketing job, teaching part-time, and too many other things. I know, priorities.

I sometimes too want to toss everything into the ocean--laptop, iPhone, etc. etc. and go somewhere with a PAPER tablet and pen and a pile of books.

Thanks for the relief today. :O Perhaps we can meet for coffee and buzz about LG. I have lots to share on that topic.