Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Change Your Attitude

Sailors have a saying change your latitude change your attitude. My wanderlust has made that saying a part of my DNA. The true gift of travel isn't the cultural, it's the observered differences that let you know just how good things are-fill-in-the-blank, moment, time, place. Sometimes these are the tiny things noticed that become added to your system of doing things. Maybe it's the one ah-ha observance that never leaves your psyche and is utilized every time you get behind the wheel of your car (wishfully thinking a zen experience, but I need to be a realist.) We all take home something from travel that's hopefully not tattooed.
At the moment I am experiencing exotic island living, home to some of the best kite surfing available within this latitude (Alameda.) The best observations so far this week: the local asian market has just about the loveliest blood oranges I've seen all season. For the same price as a small bag from whole paycheck I can fill the boot of my Mini with 'em and eat these beautiful blood-red beauties until July. The other observance is more applicable to my kids. In a twist of spring break tradition they are attending a local camp in the morning. Yesterday when we arrived to find the half asleep campers stringing Cheerios on a piece of yarn my eight year old replied "how creative" as he rolled his eyes. My response to him- supplement his breakfast with the Cheerios if not in the jewelry making mood. The sociological juxtaposition was appreciated by my camp aficionados noting that Camp Kennolyn it isn't but hey- never know until you try something new...

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