Friday, April 10, 2009

All Good In The 'Hood

The best part of returning to ones' stomping grounds is the walk down memory lane. In my case as we saunter back to Tramuntana this evening, I remember a very different scene 14 years ago. AT &T Park wasn't here, just a big dirt hill directly north east of where the harbor now sits, not much was here in the 'hood. My typical walk down memory lane usually goes something like..." Hey, I loved that place Embarco( not even google remembers this place) that was most likely the most successful of the bunch of haughty dining establishments to ever inhabit that space. Oh, this was my favorite place for lunch until my bike got pinched from the front gate while I enjoyed that dessert. Ended up being a very expensive creme brulee.. Except most of the culinary hot spots I soo loved no longer exist. Sucks to be me. What ever happened to the neighborhood watering hole that was the defining piece of the neighborhood much like the well loved piece of furniture that no one wants to inherit but a certain piece of mind is accrued just knowing that it rests in the same spot awaiting our return. My Yacht club is still fab, but's gone way tony from way back when it was a great place to park a couple of lasers' and enjoy an anchor steam for two bucks.

The sunshine blasted down on my old neighborhood here in the city. My children may be bigger, but Philip at The Java House is always happy to reacquaint my guys with his menu of greasy spoon options as we dine alfresco along South Beach Harbor. The rats with wings, aka sea gulls (or sea girls, as my guys used to refer to them, still without manors or patience.) positioned to grab my lunch should I decide to look left.

It was a great photo op day, so I was certainly in my element with crystal clear skies. Funny thing about the home of the Giants 1) Pac Bell Park 2) SBC Park 3.) At&T Park... I have photos of all phases of naming. So maybe things never did stay the same for very long.

Still delicious to step back into my old life... I just don't want to sound like my grandmother " I remember when blah blah blah snore."

Kfog kboom anyone? I know just the spot for optimal viewing. Some things never change.

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