Sunday, April 19, 2009

....Is The Magic Number

People always remind me how certain things come in three's. So this auspicious number did indeed pan out today. Hanging on the boat for the weekend is a nice depressurization from the normal world, and this
morning we awoke to a knock on the hull of Tramuntana. Coffee in hand we went outside to say good morning. The couple visiting came by to say " we wanted to see your boat because we too have been contemplating a catamaran for world cruising." Weirdly enough, the woman was someone who has sat beside my husband at high tech board meetings for the last four years. Neither realized the other was a sailor. Top it off, said couple just sold a Los Gatos home and live bay side of where we reside here on the water...weird. Next The Pacific Strictly Sail show going on here in Oakland which made for a fun outing of all things salty. These delicious little dingies that resemble a margarine tub sporting a stick were available to test sail. Needless to say the instant my 6 & 8 year olds' hands held that tiller the rest was history. The representative for these cute little dingies lives near Boston and as he mentioned the suburb, I mentioned a friend who lives in the same enclave.. yes, he knows my friend. Knows the whole clan actually....weird.
The trifecta of the day was meeting the man responsible for my present day life as I know it. Richard Spindler is the publisher of the local sailing rag Latitude 38. Latitude runs a crew list to connect sailors and crew, and when I relocated to San Francisco from Chicago I was told this was the best spot to meet other sailors. Fast forward sixteen years and voila- I met Rob and went went sailing as a beta test and the rest of course is history. Anyways... I had never met Richard and was delighted to introduce him to my family. I think he hears these kinds of stories often as it is the Bay Area and LOTS of sailors have met as a common connection to Latitude.

The truth is things really may arrive in three's... for me it may be my third and last cocktail of the evening as we sit an enjoy this sultry Alameda evening that feels weirdly like somewhere else.

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