Saturday, April 11, 2009


The pomp and circumstance of all things gurrl-ummm delicious. I embrace all things girlpower as of late. Maybe it's the pussycat dance classes, maybe it's the wake up call of fleeting fabulousness. With a life of late too suburban blur and not enough urban renewal it's an overdue indulgence. What I do know is that should you require a day of mental pampering and perfect primping I am your go to girl for the short list. Why do you ask? Leave it to me to ask the questions, just realize that most of the Y chromosome are clueless when it comes to the details of deliciousness. Spring demands this: to be delicious. Okay, I made that up. I just seek a little rationalization for my splurgous ways.
(okay, that sounds like a pander but what the heck, if the shoe is custom made Italian have at it.)

Where to start, I say by deliciously self serving ones' self: The best facial- bar none is at Mary The'. Yes she has moved from her posh maiden lane spot of uber upscale Union square, to the decidedly downscale South Park. Price is still in the stratosphere but you definitely get what you pay for. Jeremy's is right around the other end of the park, so you won't have to venture far to score superb Manolo's at a fraction of the price Barney's sells them for. Btw This is the best place for shopping for chic boyz wear.. Manly men listen up, as you will not be over whelmed because it's only two floors with too many cute gay men to help you package your package. The bliss bar is now open at the W hotel. Nice mani & pedi, with cocktails how can one not indulge?

The best spot for lunch while you find your self helping to stimulate the economy is the cafe at SFMOMA . The museum gift shop next door has artist designed jewelry that is magnificent and affordable. Artisan expenditures that help the bottom line of this world class museum should make you feel so much better. Exit stage left and grab the number 30 Muni and head to North Beach. Time for that follow up cocktail, but with the added twist of historical literati. Imagine sitting where Jack Kerouac hung out with his unshowered and unshaven beat nick buddies at Vesivios. My fave spot is upstairs in the cozy corner over looking Columbus ave. Next door, a true breadth of historically relevant books live within the walls of City Lights Bookstore. If these walls could talk, it would be the best foreplay ever.

Where was I going with this circuitous route of a blog post? Dunno. It's a sunny superbly sensible reason to wander, and even nicer if less aimless. I think I like this new found angle of spring renewal..but I should call it what it is, urban renewal of the soul. I see the potential to partake a bit more often.

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