Sunday, April 12, 2009


Curse the Easter Bunny for the deluge of jelly beans that have magically found a home here in the confines of the boat bilge. For you non sailors, the bilge is the bottom of the boat. A dark potentially dank place specifically suited for lying down nice bottles of red wine. The temperature is near perfect whilst sailing non Caribbean waters. When we left France the first time around we had eight cases of Roussillon Reds squirrelled away. Jelly beans in the bilge just tend to rattle around before turning into gooey sludge. Certainly not as nice of a visual as those ageing bottles kept comfy in nearly pristine catacomb like conditions awaiting the uncorking, imbibing and sharing with other lucky travelers.

The egg-stravaganza is still in play as it seemed too much trouble this morning to go gather these plastic sugar bombs from a potentially watery grave as the lie in wait on the deck of the boat.

Sunny San Franciscan Bay is fog free and fabulous today. Happy Easter to those of you celebrating. My Easter bonnet this afternoon will be a baseball hat and SPF 70 as we sail around Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge.

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