Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feel The Love

Oh the pull of that ole friend Technology. I love stirring the pot even if in an extraneous way. The Santa Cruz New Technology group had an amazing turnout for a school night. The idea? Get more of the technology scene over the hill and park that brain power near the sand and surf. It was simply lovely to experience so many geeks sporting flip flops, talking source code and refilling my wine glass. The venue was occupied by Nextspace. A sort of incubator for all thing seed tech stage. Lovely place to kick start an idea even if it is under the radar of the sand hill crowd.

Creatively speaking, trends are trends are trends until someone steps up and seizes the marketing opportunity to spin it off into the stratosphere for it to hopefully morph into the next cool technology play.

The caveat being this is the 831 zip code so venture capital typically doesn't travel so far a field, but perhaps it should.. surf lessons for KP.... might be the hook they need to come over the hill. Think they might leave the tasseled shoes in the Tesla and slip on the flip flops to look local? Probably not, but nice thought ... second thought, no...there goes the neighborhood. Keep Sand Hill on sand hill, but let the creative reign in the land of the beach boardwalk.

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