Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Softer Side

Lately I have been moved by the sheer force of manliness. Completely broad brush statement but the Obama moment is still brightly guiding, giving me reason to tumble out of bed in the morning knowing that change is afoot. With the world feeling the squeeze of a global belt tightening a heightened sense of awareness seems pervasively welcome. Witnessing simple sweet gestures makes me wonder if the downturn hasn't given people a moment of pause, a moment to reflect and with that moment a bit more compassion, a tad more softness. The contemplative side of ones self shining through for a brief but beautiful moment. This past evening hosting dinner and local syrah the political discussion was impassioned and heated. God how i have missed this sort of exchange. Catnip.

Why isn't this something I experience everyday? dunno, I have a theory. Less absorbed by ones own world and overwhelmed by the crushing force of the economy gives people (men case in point) a more metaphoric experience to the mundane.

It's Horton Hears A Who on a global scale. Not so much fun living in Whoville.

I'll savor the changes that we experience everyday but also drive more thoughtfully, smile at others at the post office, chat at the gas pump.

Engage. We're all in this together. I suppose that means more dinner parties?? Lucky me.

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Marcel said...

This is Ricardo. And this is my first day at this blog. Happy to know it's here. Just posted something for the Madoff piece. For this, though I'm ecstatic about the positive aspects of the post, anything which pats Obama on the back directly or indirectly, in a big or small way -- bristles quite a bit at this juncture. To put it mildly. There is way too much false hope associated with him, and, more importantly, there are unspeakable acts for which he is responsible. Which beg to be addressed... first? Loving best with the greatest respect, ROx