Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If You Care....

If you take away nothing more than the importance of attending this evenings' school board meeting, take note that the states' eduction woes are coming to our own community. Last month the school district created a forum for discussing the budget in detail. Except it wasn't, I mean discussed anyways... Not advertised, not mentioned. The "if you build it they will come" mentality seemed to have trumped good communication skills.
Not sure why I had high hopes for this sort of community safety net. It's nice to be on the same page, except when you're not..In fact the book has changed- so to over use this metaphor we seek to find out exactly how the school board will deal with these choices. Not an enviable position to be in.....let's see how this pans out this evening when the board meets at 6:30 (your second reminder...)
The aah ha moment for me came after the first "study" session where the school board and superintendent gave a very antiseptic power point presentation. The idea for this meeting was to look as though the communities concerns were incorporated when basically it felt like the board wanted to be make the hard decisions in a vacuum. Off base? Perhaps. I always wonder why we have big bulletin boards on the school campus, yet never see dates for important meetings like the meeting this eve.

Fast forward to today with the inevitable looming: staff cuts. Stories from school districts around the state now have a place to commiserate. Pink Friday. Eye candy colors and a beautifully designed website Pink Friday is a pink slip metaphor wrapped in lovely packaging. The content is a not so gentle reminder of what's in store for the states' already bruised public school system. The ingenuity is heart warming and in solidarity the color choice for Friday is you guessed it. Wear pink , March 13 to show your support for public schools, students and educators. Organize or attend an event at a school near you. Call or e-mail your Legislator.
Tell them that investing in public education is an investment in California's future.

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My_Guitar_Hero said...

I was angry to hear after the intial meeting with the Board and superintendant that the public comments would not be included in the summary as community imput. Why did I bother to attend?