Monday, March 23, 2009

Grit Is Good

Mixed metaphors were the theme of the weekend. Sometimes the city is just the balm for my brain, except when it's not... my camera was not the usual extension of self, photo ops were missed while so many images left an indelible mark on my brain. The most haunting image is the angel that serves as the guardian of the double doorway arch on Larkin at Market St. Blackened bronze wings of this city sentry looming above the soiled blanket at the foot of her perch. Her careful watch over the person who slumbered at her feet the night before seemed auspicious in nature. The visual almost too much to comprehend as a symbolic sweetness of city grit and ethereal oversight.

Understand that a big part of my experience anytime, anywhere is chronicling experience on CF card (seems like the wrong film metaphor, but there it is.) Lots of empty store fronts, including Virgin Music. I remember attending the celebration when the flagship store opened in hopes of seeing my then crush Sir Richard Branson. The Haight Ashbury was less urchin filled than I rembered. Must be the state of the economy, tough even for panhandlers. Interesting to shop the vintage funkiness with my short guys in tow. They are little fashonistas in the making with a taste toward skate rat-and a dash of kitchy (navy peajackets from rough trade.)

Third time is a charm with a visit to the Academy of Sciences. My first two attempts to see the museum thwarted by throngs of people qued toe to toe the length of the front steps, except today the que had moved entirely inside. The crush of people took my breath away. The stroller- pushing- overly caffeinated parents to blame for the plugged walkways. Apparently walking is not so fashionable for the under five set, with SUV sized strollers parked in every free inch of space walking was an impediment for everyone. The new academy seems magnificent, I can't be sure as I only swam upstream until I couldn't cope. Note to self: Tuesdays. The day that's a bit less congested as members have an extra hour to enjoy..

All good things must come to an end. It's just a painful reminder of the temporary nature of life as of late. Fleeting fabulousness.

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