Monday, March 16, 2009

My life=?

Sniveling. You know the type of whining that comes from the over indulged..Welcome to my world. The pasta has too many fresh herbs, the cheese isn't asiago, and b.t.w. mommy- you purchased the wrong Tech Decks..

So I am taking a page from the Walter Reuther book of hardball- call a strike. Wash your own clothing snooty brats. While you're at it be content to eat cereal for breakfast instead of the Semifredddis Cinnamon bread transformed each morning into amazing french toast. Ingrates.

So the stories of Darfurian youth, the trick or treating for Unicef, hours spent working on behalf of a handful of non-profits to instill a sense of global responsibility.... looks like that's really working wonders for us. Uncle. What gives? Lead through example?? At a loss.......

In the spirit of it takes a village, I reach out for any wise (or wise crack) advise from the sages' of the childhood experience. Yes, it's true that I am having a sense of humor failure, but then again it's nothing a little holiday away won't fix. Solo. Sometimes it's just the fantasy of escape that's enough of a band-aid..

Stay tuned for something a bit more bitey a bit later today, and thanks for the opportunity to vent as this really is my therapeutic escape hatch.

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SusanB said...

It gets a bit easier as they get older. I know that does'nt help you figure out the approach today or tomorrow. The takes a village mentality is a good one to have, lept me sane.