Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun With Ear Plugs

In a household where you can cut the testosterone with a knife (my husband and two man cubs) What to do with all that manliness? Take it to the Monster Truck Jam.

As a transplanted midwesterner, who rode motocross after giving up dressage the love of all things loud has not left me after years of Californication. Suffice to say I have a bit more testosterone than girls are normally supposed to posses. Remember those headlocks from third grade? Still fun especially when you add high heels but that's for another forum. Back to testosterone and the always intimidating Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. Our nosebleed seats= birds eye views of trucks that resembled radio controlled cars in a sandbox. The surprise of the evening, two of the monster trucks [The Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Jurassic Attack] were driven by gasp.... girls... low and behold they drove those big trucks better than the burly crowd.

Surrounded by a sea of facially pierced parents with overweight kids sucking down sodas- what's not to love for a Saturday Night? Olympic gold medal people watching moment: brushed acrylic talons sporting day glow pink polish, gripping a huge hotdog in one beefy mitt and a domestic beer in the other.

Haven't had this much fun people watching since the hay days of Club Trocadero's Bondage- a go-go.

The sucker punch of the evening was the $25 parking fee. Overall evening fell into the opera box seat cost once you figured in the food, ticket price, and parking. Domestic beer still tastes like cold bathwater, but hey- when in Rome. The biggest distraction of the evening was a text message from a friend who was enjoying the Randy Weston show at Yoshi's.

Break with the day to day to embrace the unusual for an unusually great time. Just remember the demographic mix represents the same as the big time wrestling crowd.

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MessRX said...

Good for you to embrace the manly art of monster truck. A nice change of pace from the rareified air of Los Gatos.