Sunday, March 22, 2009

Land-Mines Of Organic Origin

Is it me or do people pick a canine based upon family resemblance? There is a great looking wolf hound who walks my neighborhood with his wolf cousin human handler look alike. Grey wire hair on both man and beast show an almost DNA connection. The simpatico relationship of man and beast that benefits both with the self satisfaction of company, and maybe shared grooming habits.
Uncanny happenstance? I think not. Nicholas Christenfeld and Michael Roy, psychologists at the University of California San Diego conducted a study of Pure-bred dog-owner resemblance. The study found pictures could be matched to their owners by strangers most of the time. When judges were shown digital photos of dog owners and given a choice of one of two dogs - they matched the correct pair 64 per cent of the time when the dog was a pure breed.

The recent pull of puppy mania has gobbled up a handful of friends and neighbors. Statically speaking two families have dodged the bullet (thus far) with the piddle puddle, chew the Manolos, bolt out the door excitement of poetic puppy ownership. One family scored with the most adorable and well behaved puppy and the other family lucked into a guide-dog that had a small flaw. That flaw explains the beloved pet of friends who have hit the lotto of luv for their son. A sweet disposition pet for a super sweet boy, beautiful disposition a mirror match, kismet.

Sour grapes on my part? perhaps.. When the topic of my own failed attempt at the canine addition to our family, I remembered a vivid story of our ill-fated attempt to educate, crate train, and socialize said beast. To say this animal had a richer social experience than I was simply an understatement. Our puppy would bolt down the street to visit her many friends at the post office. All fine and good, but typically best to have adult supervision. This drama always seemed to present itself at the most inopportune times (kids in the tub, food on the bbq grill) the dreaded phone call the dog was there and could I retrieve her.. A friend had the most brilliant come back. Her reply: explain that you sent the pooch to pick up the mail....oh and stamps too..

So with the shopping process of temperament, exercise, and socialization needs it's amazing that anyone walks this potential path. The path to pain is strewn with puppy puddles and tootsie roll sized gifts left for the foot-traffic tracks of the unsuspecting. Boy do I NOT miss that. The good news, it's an evolutionary step in a family. The Obamas are poised for puppy piddle, but it is different when the dog-crate lives in the Oval office. My mother-in-law had funny stories about Buddy and Bill Clinton..karmic puppy personality traits shared with the overly happy to see you people person of the then commander-in chief. The plethora of problems were not lost on the first family as chew toys typically had a historic lineage so tougher to explain away.

Is there a cosmic force that attracts us to both people and pet? Seems like it must be, otherwise it would be more random, less storybook. The John Steinbeck novel Travels with Charlie comes to mind.

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