Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tait Street, It's A Great Street

The Almond Grove neighborhood hosted a meet & greet yesterday evening. The folks on Main St and Broadway were invited too. New neighbors mingled and kids ran barefoot in the St. Mary's playlot while the BBQ was fired up- very Mayberry. Small town charm with nice wine and a full moon.

As October approaches, it was fun to put the names to the familiar Tait St faces who pass out candy on Los Gatos legendary closed street Halloween eve.

One Tait St neighbor shared the story of her favorite Halloween past time- Setting out a large, empty bowl on the front porch then retiring to a room in the back of her un-lit house for the rest of the evening. The weird part of hearing this story, was how proud she was of herself for not buying into the fun.

Another neighbor shared the story of a planned development introduced to the almond grove historic district about twenty years ago that called for the neighborhood to be razed to make "room" for high rise apartments and multi unit condominiums. Neighbors formed community protection groups and rallied to save the precious bungalows and cottages from the developers bulldozers. The historic homes were saved, and the charm and unique nature attributed to Los Gatos preserved.


Thomas said...

A friend told me about this great event and I'm looking forward to it. Can you clarify if it is happening Oct. 30 or 31 and approx. what time it gets started? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

All around the world, and even on Tait, it's always on the 31st; All Hallows' Eve. They ususally put up the street baracades around 6pm, but people with young children sometimes start earlier.
I thought it was Tait Avenue, not Street.