Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hooray for Ross Creek!

The Superior Court Judge of Santa Clara has ordered the town of Los Gatos to follow the rules!
(conduct an environmental impact review) for the proposed Ross Creek Subdivision.

It always brings a smile to my mug when the underdogs win. I sat in on the testimony of the current Los Gatos council when the proposed Ross Creek development was described. Uninterested in the details of why the proposed development would harm the creek and possibly the watershed area, town council looked bored and baffled. Maybe next time they will read the homework that the community submits since the town staff reports read like a marketing piece for the would be developer. Nice work David Crites and neighbors! Click here to read the article in the merc.


Karl Ryan said...

Thank you for your comments. David worked extremely hard on this and deserves most of the credit. My family endured threatening letters from Terry McElroy for our opposition to his project. Now maybe we can get a project which respects the creek and fits the neighborhood. Best yet...maybe Terry will pack up his millions and find something else to do with his time. The property would better as a park or community pool.

Anonymous said...

Well said. One lawsuit down and another to go with the Desantis
suit. To bad the three stooges who voted for the approval of the Desantis project will eat a big slice of humble pie.