Monday, September 15, 2008

Town Council Chambers TONITE

It's like the annoying person in Trader Joe's frozen food can't escape the innane cellphone discussion and no matter how hard you try to dodge it, it follows you around. This hillside development in our Los Gatos hills is much like that annoying cellphone conversation.
Now 500 people strong, the friends of the hillsides is the topic dujour wherever I go these days. Today is the day I hope it goes away. Not that I don't enjoy discussing our community group and how hard everyone has worked to get the attention of the media to consider the plight of the local hillsides. It would be great to send this one back to the drawing board so it can be set on the correct path for smart construction (yes, i know it's a flatland styled house to be built upon a hillside and yes I know that if you scrape 23 feet from the top of our hillsides it's almost flatland like.)
If you can carve out an hour of your time this evening, and join a few friends at the Town Council chamber in Los Gatos this evening the hillsides will thank-you. 7 p.m. Only item on the agenda.

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