Thursday, September 11, 2008

Livin' Large in Los Gatos

Funny sight yesterday. Large man in a small electric car. Why is that funny you ask?

The Town Council Candidate who has the spotty attendance record while a planning commissioner with respect to Planning Commission Meetings (Steve Rice) was seen driving a zero emissions car yesterday.

This is the same guy who said to me in a snarky manner " oh, you're one of those" when I mentioned purchasing a Prius. Apparently driving an electic car is good for those with political ambitions. This same person running for a council seat is a fat cat with an
agenda, but do his golf clubs fit in the back of the 'lectric car is what I wanna know..
because being green is all about the car you drive, right? Does not reflect the carbon foot print of said hobbies like golf, or driving the SUV stashed in the garage.. or ? Entitlement means buying whatever it takes to wear the crown. Not sure the crown is going to fit in that small electric vehicle, but then again he can pull out the SUV again and leave the electric car to gather dust in the driveway.

Pious Prius drivers unite! Let's cast our vote for the two candidates that walk the walk :
Barbara Spector and Michael Kane.

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