Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CEQA ( California Environmental Quality Act) The Big Stick

So much for playing by the rules. The other side won the appeal of the planning commission by a 3/2 vote from the Los Gatos Town Council. Snivelling is never attractive, and I almost wanted to set out a bowl of milk for the appellant (almost.) But whatever it takes I suppose........

The California Environmental Quality Act or CEQA for fun, is the strong arm of the law for folks like us who seek a say in matters of land development. Recently a CEQA suit was filed by the Friends of Ross Creek which was won!! The CEQA suit basically handed down a decision against the town of Los Gatos for not requiring an EIR (Environmental Impact Review) with the Ross Creek development. Let's just say the town and developers were handed their proverbial hats with this one... and one or more of us hope the decision will be the same with the Desantis appeal from last night.

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