Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Local Council Race Gets Interesting

....And another hat is tossed into the ring. 

Peggy Dallas has a website up and an announcement for support. Too bad she lost me with her opening web page salvo touting her Chairmanship of a committee that exists solely on paper. 

Maybe it's just me, but anyone disingenuous enough to post something so overtly misleading needs to be called on the carpet.
No surprises here in our little hamlet of the cats, anyone paying even a teeny bit of attention could tell that Ms. Dallas was priming the political pump with public dialogue at council meetings and printed within the LGObserver on the Vasona land sale, The DeSantis Project, and a few other small fry issues. Noble gesture to run for a political office, but when the issues seem to be too well placed within the family news blog people start to question if a business angle might be at play here. Potential Council person/Architect who projects a caring community image yet supports projects like the Desantis project which will no doubt attract other McMansion wannabees who can see a potential angle to play the local planning system.....

Yes I know what you're thinking- 

I am not a conspiracy theorist but a community member who has been paying attention and thought inquiring minds would want to know. Care to chime in? 

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